Above the Bus Gate Stairs

These backlit displays above the stairs are especially effective in reaching Lufthansa passengers, as the stairs lead to Lufthansa’s bus gates. But advertisements here are seen by all passengers flying from the Southern Passenger Pier.

Technical specifications: On request.
Price: 2.000,- € monthly

Passenger Pier - In Front of Terminal 2

This oversize backlit display is located in a high traffic location directly in the Passenger Pier along the route to and from the gates in front of Terminal 2.

Technical specifications: On request.
Price: 10.000,- € monthly

Passenger Pier

This premium space in the Passenger Pier is very effective, even from a distance. Located above the heads of passengers on a wall facing towards the Southern Passenger Pier, it can be clearly seen from a long way away. An ideal location for your advertising message!

Technical specifications: On request
Price: € 10.000,- € pro Monat

Car Park P7

With these advertising spaces you can reach all motor vehicle traffic passing Hamburg Airport on the way to and from the city centre. The illuminated advertising signs on the building facades are particularly visible, even from a distance, at night.

Technical specifications: Individualised presentation available on request. Only bookable in a package.
Price: 5.000,- € monthly / in a package of 2

Baggage Reclaim Terminal 1

These large, attention-grabbing displays are situated on the facing wall above the baggage carousels. The outstanding presence of these displays ensures that advertisements are seen by domestic and international passengers: travellers with baggage and travellers returning to Hamburg from a short business trip.

Technical specifications: Ultralon fitted stretch fabric with tension clips. Only bookable in a package.
Price: € 12,500,- € monthly / in a package of 4

Bus arrival Schengen Terminal 1

Be the first contact for the incoming passengers on the very representative presentation area in the entrance area of ​​Terminal 1. With an average number of 50,000 contacts per month, this position is one of the high courts at Hamburg Airport.

Technical specifications: Fitted stretch fabric; DIN 4102 corresponding to B1 fire protection standard;
Price: € 3,000,- € monthly

Arrivals Area Terminal 2

This central XL illuminated advertising space is centrally located in the arrivals area in Terminal 2, opposite the Airport Office, the information point in the arrivals area and near the S-Bahn access.

Technical specifications: Material: Backlite fitted stretch fabric; DIN 4102 corresponding to B1 fire protection standard
Price: 500,- € monthly