Car Park P1

This mega-poster is located on the multi-storey car park P1, directly adjacent to the road entering the airport. Almost all vehicles travelling to the terminals and car parks use this road. The perfect welcome!

Technical specifications: On request.
Price: On request.

Car Park P2

The multi-storey car park P2 is located directly opposite Terminal 1. The mega-poster is placed facing the terminal and may be clearly seen from the terminal access road.

Technical specifications: On request.
Price: On request.

Car Park P4

The mult-store Car Park P4 is located directly opposite of the Airport Plaza. The megaposters are placed opposite of the the Terminal busildings and right nextto the Car Park 4. This locations guarantees a high visibilty form different Airport areas such as thes arrival/departure roads.

Technical specifications: On request.
Price: Megaposter package: 9.000,- € per month
Any VAT, production and installation cost are not included

Car Park P5

This space on the facade of Car Park 5 is an extremely prominent location. As the space is at the height of the departures level, it is particularly effective in reaching large numbers of departing passengers.

Technical specifications: Individualised presentation available on request.
Price: 10.000,- € monthly